Quality Policy Management Commitment

Goyval Vinagres is adapting to the quality demands of an increasingly competitive market and is committed to sustainable development; it thus has a System of Quality Management in accordance with the requirements of the International Standard UNE-EN-ISO 9001: 2008.


Being aware, above all, of the huge competition in the sector, the management expressly states its commitment to the development, implementation and continuous improvement of the GOYVAL VINAGRES Quality Management System in order to achieve full compliance with the requirements and the following objectives, among others:


  • Maximum satisfaction of our customers.
  • Satisfy customer requirements at all times as well as statutory and regulatory requirements associated with the way we work and our products.
  • Provide the organization with the resources and means necessary to satisfy the Quality requirements of our services and the legislation applicable to the sector.
  • At GOYVAL VINAGRES we understand quality as being a responsibility that is assumed and shared by all the people within the company.
  • At GOYVAL VINAGRES we establish the tools required to continuously improve the quality system and to prevent nonconformity, so we advocate the establishment of objectives and goals that thus provide us with continuous improvement.
  • Quality can always be improved. We should learn from failures and use them to eliminate the sources or causes that generated them. Thus, at Goyval Vinagres SL there is a commitment on the part of management and other organisational elements to continuous improvement.
  • Quality and compliance with legal requirements are not only a result of checks, but also of proper and thorough planning, execution and auditing.


Management, as the main driving force behind the Quality Management System emphasises that everyone in the organisation within the workplace is important for the proper functioning of GOYVAL VINAGRES, meeting product requirements and thus achieving the required quality level. Therefore the quality objectives set can only be achieved with the support and collaboration of all.


By distributing to all levels of the organisation and providing Training and Motivation, management ensures that the Quality Policy is understood and accepted by all staff; in addition to which the Policy is also made available to the stakeholders. Moreover, planning and internal audits verify that the quality system maintains its efficiency and adequacy.



Signed: : Jesus Gomez Position: Manager