Goyval Vinagres was the first company in Spain to specialise in organic and balsamic vinegar and today it is among the leaders of the most important, fine vinegar producers in Spain. It supplies gourmet speciality shops, organic product shops and supermarkets, both in Spain and abroad.


Our commitment is to offer the consumer unique and inimitable vinegar of the highest quality, a benchmark product that is achieved thanks to the perfect balance between hand-crafted vinegar, modern facilities and obviously exclusive use of the best raw material. An advanced system for quality control, competitive pricing and a dedicated customer service team complete and guarantee the excellent character of a product line of great interest and appeal.


From the beginning, the company was aware of the need to consolidate its position with a trademark and since that time it has counted on the brand with which it currently works and with which it has carried out international expansion.

The company currently has four trademarks to market its products in different ranges:

YUCA´S: Gourmet vinegars.

VEGALLANA: Food market.

DARRO: Food market.

LEILA: Food market.


Today its products are distributed throughout Spain, but most of its production is intended for international trade, with customer countries including Germany, Austria, Canada, the United States, France, Guinea Bissau, the Netherlands, Japan, Panama, Poland, Portugal, United Kingdom, Czech Republic, Sweden, Switzerland, Morocco, etc.

Quality and Innovation

Goyval Vinagres is one of the most innovative companies in the food sector and currently has a wide range of products: White Wine Vinegars, Red Wine Vinegars, Crianza Vinegars, Balsamic Vinegars, Cider Vinegars, Fruit Vinegar Creams, etc. Many of the products are also offered in their organic version.


From the beginning our company decided on organic products, using the European Ecological Certificate 834/2007 (now approved by NOP certification) to market these products worldwide.

We have KOSHER / KASHRUT certification obtained through the Rabbinate of Madrid. All these certificates are well-known.


Currently our company is one of the most important in the production of Organic Balsamic Vinegar made in our cellar in French oak barrels and developed under our trademark YUCA'S.


Since early 2006 we have been in the possession of UNE-EN-ISO 9001: 2008 (Quality Management), as we are very committed to the quality of our vinegars. At the same time we have made several environmental improvements to the resources of our company and today we are in the process of implementing the quality and food safety certification IFS / BRC (International Food Standard / British Retail Consortium).